Called to Teach

My name is Jonathan Bingham. I’ve been a believer since 1982. Immediately God put a strong, insatiable desire in my heart to teach His Word. Seminary (MDivBL, SWBTS, 1994) equipped me with skills and knowledge. I’ve served as youth minister (associate), college pastor, interim education minister, supply preacher, interim pastor, and elder, as well as nearly every possible teaching position in the church. But when it boils down to it, there is only one qualification that matters (besides being in Christ):  being gifted by the Holy Spirit to teach.

That being the case, I can honestly and readily admit that whatever positive impact my ministry produces is clearly and totally from Him.

I am called to serve God without financial compensation of any kind. He has opened many doors of ministry that would have been left unfilled by those requiring income, and He has generously provided financially through my “day job” to exceed my family’s needs. Frankly, there have been numerous occasions when I have needed to speak what I believed to be the truth and have not been held back by any concern (in the flesh) for my family’s well being depending upon the income provided by ministry. I feel very free not having a personnel committee or “deacon board” thinking they have me by the wallet.

This web site is an outgrowth of that conviction. I am thrilled to be able to provide resources, humble as they may be, without cost for anyone who wishes to use them. In fact, the thought that someone somewhere without funds to purchase teaching / training materials might be able to benefit from these resources makes me want to shout!  (Mt. 10:8, “Freely you received. Freely give.”)

My purpose on the planet is to lead people to study the Bible. Currently I am leading a weekly Sunday morning Bible study with a wonderful group of believers in Marietta, GA. Since 2006 I have traveled to Cambodia three times, Kenya twice, and Nepal to train local church leaders and encourage the wonderful committed believers there. I have written materials on the financial principles found in Proverbs that have been translated into Khmer and published for the believers in Cambodia and three fairly extensive lessons on Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods that will be used by church leaders in emerging countries around the world. I’m excited to report that the edited and translated modules are available in short video segments on a public, government approved web site in China where thousands of Chinese Christians are using them as teaching content for small group and house church studies!

In 2013 I was honored with an invitation to join the board of directors for Good Works Now / Nations Training Institute, the organization with whom I went to Kenya, and for whom I wrote the Hermeneutics content. And most recently I was humbled and surprised to be asked to be an elder in my church.

Honestly I’m very dissatisfied with my current level of ministry activity, but I have said, “Yes,” to every opportunity God has opened to me having to do with leading others to study the Word. I am eager for more, especially opportunities to train and encourage ministers in poor and remote countries who have little exposure to or funds for theological training and resources.

I live in the hope offered by Andy Andrews, “If you are here, you haven’t finished what you were put here to do. The greatest part of your life, your purpose, is yet to be lived.”  (The Seven Decisions)